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What is YouGov Profiles?

Profiles is our segmentation and media planning product for agencies and brands. This product is powered by data collected in the YouGov Cube – our connected data vault which holds over 120,000 data points, collected from 400,000 APAC YouGov members.

Get the profile of your target audience across multi-channel data sets with greater granularity and accuracy than ever before.

Demographics and Lifestyle

  • Segment on a number of categories including general demographic makeup, economic situation, occupation, banks and supermarkets used, device ownership, interests, hobbies, favourite celebrities, and top music artists

Brand Usage and Perceptions

  • Understand usage and perception of over 1,000 brands (in over 35 sectors) on the following core brand funnel metrics: Buzz, Attention, Quality, Value, Customer Satisfaction, Reputation, General Impression, Recommendation, Brand Awareness, Word of Mouth Exposure, Current Customer, Former Customer, Purchase Intent, Purchase Consideration and Advert Awareness

Media Consumption

  • Analyse consumption of above-the-line media on a daily basis, 7 days a week. This includes TV viewing at a programme (4,000+ titles collected to date) and genre (150 classifications) level, radio listenership (40+ key commercial stations), and print readership (20+ newspaper titles and 50+ magazine titles)

Digital and Mobile Behaviour

  • Track digital footprints and journeys by analysing in real-time (through passive tracking) websites visited, search terms queried, mobile applications used and exposure to online advertising (banners and pre-rolls)

Social Media Activity

  • Review social media usage and engagement including Facebook pages liked, Twitter accounts followed, brands mentioned (and exposed to) in networked conversations

Attitudes and Opinions

  • Using daily attitudinal and opinion data, measure on a variety of topics including views on current issues in the news, political leanings, voting intentions and information on personal beliefs

Why use Profiles?

What are the key commercial benefits?

  • Profile advanced segments quickly: understand in more depth the key differences between satisfied and dissatisfied customer of a brand

  • Design tailored channel strategies: find the channels that are most likely to drive consumer interaction with brands, not simply the channels most used

  • Plan more effective advertising campaigns: analyse media consumption data that is collected daily, not monthly or quarterly

  • Formulate more relevant and targeted comms: develop propositions and messages that are unique to different segments to maximise cut-through

Why is it different to other products on the market?

  • It is agile: turn projects around quickly and react to market needs

  • It is live: we hero permanent listening (a much more strategic approach compared to traditional tactical based data collection products that focus on single moments in time)

  • It is holistic: single customer view across all channels

  • It is competitive: cost-effective and more output




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