Global tech and Internet giants Google, YouTube, Samsung, Facebook and Apple dominate the BrandIndex Global Rankings for 2015.

In 2015 Google features on 16 of the Top Ten lists for the 24 markets tracked, reaching lead positions in Australia, Canada and Mexico. Google’s 2015 included a major restructuring to Alphabet, optimizing Android, and improved performance for markets with poor connectivity. Google Maps now runs a modified version offline. Google subsidiary, YouTube, also does well, appearing on 14 of the market lists and tops out The Netherlands Top Ten.

Telecoms behemoths Samsung and Apple duke it out in many of the market lists with Samsung appearing on 12 market lists and Apple on 10. The iPhone brand also appears on 8 lists. Facebook appears on 11 market Top Ten lists and takes top spot in both Thailand and Egypt.

Although global brands outweigh the homegrown, over thirty percent of the market top ten lists are still local. For Finland and China particularly local brands fare well. Although German retailer Aldi tops out the Finnish list, the rest of their top ten is local. 8 of the Chinese top ten are local including Wechat and QQ apps and the Alibaba online retailer Tmall.

We hope you enjoy browsing our rankings and look forward to updating you with brand news throughout the year.

Ted Marzilli, Global CEO, BrandIndex




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